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Auxonne, France to Bari, Italy

Sept -Dec 1996

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11/11 and 11/12  in Terracina in a new church, Chiesa San Damiano


Terracina with long beautiful beaches.  In the background, Jupiter's temple on top of the mound. We walked to the top to take the picture.

On the second day in Terracina, Patty and I left at 10 am, spent the day near the ocean. In the evening, we had a wonderfull supper at Pappagallo restaurant.

Cattedrale di S. Cesario in Terracina:

11/13 in Gaeta at the Seminario

In the am, we went to the cathedral in Terracina to pray.  Apparently, Pope Urban II was elected here. He is the pope who commissioned the Crusade to Jerusalem.

In the pm, we walked the 21 K to Gaeta, another coastal town.

It was at Gaeta where the popes in the 19th century used to vacation. In 1849, Pope Pius IX was in Gaeta on an extended stay because of illness.  He prayed to Mary in the Cathedral there, and he claimed Mary spoke to him and said she was the Immaculate Conception. He apparently kept this to himself until a few years later, the 14-year girl in Lourdes, France claimed the same. A short time later, the pope officially pronounced her immaculate conception (born without sin). It is mainly because of this apparition that Roman Catholics, especially the Italians, venerate Mary. 


11/14 in Montagone at the Instituto

11/15 and 11/16 in Garzano de Caserta at the Orarorio

11/16 - Rest day - Trip to Pompeii

11/17 in Arpata at the Covento Frati Minori (Don Roberto)

Finding accommodation these days by knocking on doors about 5 pm each day.

11/18 in Grottominarda at the Sanctuario Madonna di Carpignano

11/19 in Bisaccia at the Chiesa Baptista

11/20 in Melfi at the Chiesa Sacro Cuore

Melfi was an important town as Urban II had a council here and crusades were organized.  Normans here were already able warriors who were pushing back Greeks and Arabs back in territorial games.

Pope Urban II and the Norman castle in Melfi


Cathedral in Melfi:


11/21 in Melfi at the Monasterio San Vinvent de Paulo

We had to push walk today to keep a schedule.  We walked 2 x 5 and three team pushes today for a total of 55 km.

Lots of rain.  In the last three days walking, we saw many (about 100) rainbows, also colors in the sky near the sun.

Melfi is an interesting town, besides being the place where Behemond, a leader of the first crusade, is entombed (second picture below).

From 4 pm to 8 pm, the town centro is closed to vehicular traffic.  Older men (Patty guessed 500) were in the streets socializing.  Patty and I went out and surveyed the town for about 7 pm to 8:30.  Slowly, the older men disappeared and a younger crowd showed up.

We are staying in a large hall on the second story next to the Cathedral in the town square. Probably the last day we have to sleep on the floor.

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11/22 in Canosa at the Cattedrale Don Filipo


Olive pickers are out these days.  In the second photo, Nadia is passing out a tract.


11/23 to 12/01 in Ruvo at the Centro Evanagelical Christiano

Image result for ruvo Italy 

11/28 service in Trani

11/29 service in Modugno

11/30 arrival in Bari

Cold, wet and happy!





 Staying at the Refuge: