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Auxonne, France to Bari, Italy

Sept -Dec 1996

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Italy, p.4 

11/01 in Bolsana at the Parocchia St Christina

11/02 in Viterbo at the Seminario de Cappucini


11/03 in Sutri at the Cattedrale St Maria Assinta


Nov 03, 1996 - Patty's 50th Birthday Party in Sutri



11/04 through 11/08 in Rome at the International Christian Fellowship (c/o Steve and Patty Grey)

As we did before, we stayed here in Rome while continuing to walk some, but mostly we were allowed to do some visiting.

Here are some pictures we took: at the coliseum



and the Vatican and Sistine chapel




The Altar of the Nations:


Spanish Steps and Trivi Fountain:


Titus Arch and the Mosque in Rome


La Pieta in St Peter's:


The Mamertine Prison,, where Paul and Peter were imprisoned, awaiting trial.

11/07 walk from La Guistinaria to the Coliseum

11/08 to a few km past Rome's outer loop and along the Appian Way (pictured below).


Cistercian Abbey and a  picture with a Philippino nun




11/09 in Velletri at the Cathedrale


  Image result for velletri italy

11/10 in Nattuno, stayed in condo compliments of George and Shellie Counts

Image result for nettuno italy


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