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Auxonne, France to Bari, Italy

Sept -Dec 1996

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Italy p.3

10/24 - Viareggio to Galleno

Stayed in Fuccecchio at the Monasterio Clarisse. picture above

10/25 - Galleno to Castelfiorentino

in Castelfiorentino at the Parrochia de Don Lari

10/26 - to Poggibonsi

 in Poggibonsi at the Convento San Lucchese

10/27 - to Siena

in Siena at the Parocchio Vico Alto

10/28 - Rest days in Siena

in Siena at the Seminario Montarioso for the two days

10/29 - to Florence (Firenze)

We took the train to FLorence.

 This is what we saw just a few short blocks from the train station. So impressive.


Me at the DeVecchio Bridge and Patty at the Square with Michelangelo's David.

10/30 in Ponte D’Arbia at the Center

10/31 to Gallena staying at the Abbadia San Salvatore

At the stop, we turned off for Abbadia. Went up about 7 km to a rather large town of Abbadia on top of teh hill.  Se stayed in this Abbey. Beautiful church, pre-Gothic era.


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