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We started or walk near Auxonne, France, just a few miles south of Dijon. We soon realized that our route was to go through places that were there at least 900 years ago as they were travelled by the Crusaders.  Actually, we found out later the route that the Crusaders took was actually a route used later by pilgrims walking from Canterbury England to Rome Italy, called the Via Francigena shown below.


9/22 -  Auxonne

We arrived fairly late after travelling from Lausanne.  Like the other towns we were soon to walk through, the town is old. We didn't have time to see much of it because we set up camp with tents and sleeping bags.

We stayed the night at a campground near Auxonne.

9/23 Mont sous Vaudrey

We had an early start this morning walking towards Mont-sous-Vaudrey.  We, including the women, took turns carrying the cross.

We stayed at a storefront church Eglise Apostolico

9/24 Salins-les-Bains

This was a beautiful valley.  The place is known for its baths. Note the start of some hilly country.

In Salins, we stayed at the  Eglise Evangelique.

9/25 Levier

What a pretty town. We are getting close to some water.


In Levier, we stayed at the Eglise Evangelique

9/26 Pontarlier

A bigger town.

In Pontarlier, accomodation at the Eglise Evangelique de Salin

9/27 Ste Croix


There are may water troughs fed by springs in France and Switzerland.  We were told the water was safe to drink, so we often stopped for that.


In Ste Croix, we stayed at a storefront church Grange de l’Auberon

9/28 Yverdon

This was lunch in a field coming into Yverdon.  We arrived in Yverdon early enough to visit the town. Food was prepared for us at the Fraternite Chretienne, and we stayed there the night.



A WC- public toilet.     Yverdon street.


Ladies who served us food.     Patty streetwalking


Greg streetwalking.  A man and grandson we met.

A better picture of the church.

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Auxonne, France to Bari, Italy

Sept -Dec 1996

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