The YWAM Discipleship Training School

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The lecture phase of the DTS (Discipleship Training School) is an intense 2 1/2 months of daily classes.
Much was discussed and copious notes were taken. I will attempt to condense my notes into some useful form to be presented here. 

Before that time, please enjoy the scenery of Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, and Austria as presented here in our travels. I regret that the photos were taken before digital cameras were available and are thus in low resolution.  I chanced on the option of buying postcards wherever possible, and these have been used here.

Please comment (ed@soltesweb.net) if you experience errors in this website. 

This website (recwalk.soltesweb.net) is a sub-domain of a much larger website (soltesweb.net) which covers out travels from 1996 to the present.




DTS-Lausanne, Switzerland 

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