Auxonne, France to Bari, Italy

Sept -Dec 1996

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Before the Walk, in free time during the lecture phase of the DTS


7/02 - Leaving Houston for our new home, Chalet-a-Gobet near Lausanne, Switzerland.


Our room was near the top:

We were given work duties - -Patty was planting ground cover...

And I was drilling the hole through a 3 ft thick concrete wall


On the first weekend, we were invited to the home of classmates Frederick and Suzanne in Geneva.  They showed us around the city as well as some of the countryside.  The middle picture is of the Jet D'eau in Geneva.

At Reformers Wall in Geneva to commemorate the reformation






 and time for fun


We took a trip to the mountains near Vouvry, and hiked up to a camping area.


we had a "pirate" party



Trip to Gruyere

first with Gerry and Greg and Gerry, then with Sandy and Fiona who cameto see us in Switzerland for a few days



in Vevy and Chillon


 and around, much to see


France    Switzerland    Italy    After the Walk

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