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Auxonne, France to Bari, Italy

Sept -Dec 1996

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Italy, p.2



10/18 - Genoa to Rapello


The Italian Riveira...Recco is typical of the many towns on the Mediterranean south and east of Genoa.  We are doing 35-40 km days.  Walked through Genoa, and along the coast. Staying in Rapello, another beautiful town like Recco, in a school run by nuns (the Instituto Gianelle).  My knee is still out.

10/19 - Rapello to Sestri Levante


What beautiful scenery on the Riviera de Levante on the Medittereanean on the Mare Lagura. (La Laguna del Cielo).  We walked up and down several times from sea level to over 1000 ft.  Started about 7 km before Rapello and went 10 km past Sestri Levanti.  This town and Rapello are popular summer resort areas.  The beach in Sestri is very large. We are staying in a beautiful convent-like Institute, the Opera Madonna del Grappo Retreat Center.  All accommodations (bath, shower, kitchen) are first class.  We came too late (dark) to explore outside, but hope to see the courtyard tomorrow morning before we leave.

Nuns who served us at the convent, with Nadia and Patty.

10/20 - Sestri Levante to La Spezia

Two happy travelers. 
We climbed from sea level on 10/19 through early today up and over the pass at 615 meters. Up and down all day with spectacular views.  Came to 15 km from La Spezia. We walked to downtown and slept in a school Suore Salesiane auditorium.  At night we went for a walk along the waterfront.  Looking for a gelateria! (Italian ice cream store)

10/21 - La Spezia to Marina di Carrara

Nice day all day.  We were able to secure accommodations at Marina di Carrara just 150 meters from the sea! Patty and I watched teh sunset on the small beach. This was near Massa where Italian Marble comes from.  There was so much of it around that the dock was filled with Marble chips (waste) instead of rocks.

We bought this card in Capezzano Pianore, near the structure on the face.

10/22 - Marina di Carrara to Viareggio

We started walking away from the water today, but still returned to a place some 5 km from Viareggio called Montemitra. We are staying on the floor of an evangelical church.

10/23 - Rest day to Pisa

Feeling like tourists today. We took a bus into town Viareggio this am, then to Pisa.


Pisa was fun. We were impressed with the basilica and baptistry as much as the leaning tower.

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