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Auxonne, France to Bari, Italy

Sept -Dec 1996

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10/06 at the St Bernard Hospice



At the Hospice, we were treated to showers, a warm bed and breakfast!

It was cold outside...on the stairs exiting the building the freezing rain, snow and wind made for horizontal icicles!

9/30 - 10/4 Leysin

10/1 I’m sitting on a mountainside with Patty looking at snow—capped peaks and a deep valley below us. Sun is shining and is warm. We stay here in Leysin two more nights as a base for our walks Lausanne to Vevey and Vevey to Aigle. I feel restless – two days rest is too long – and looking forward for our walk tomorrow along Lac Leman (Lake Geneva). Thinking about the cross we carry, and how all people and animals react to it – none can ignore the cross. Along the road two days ago, about 8-10 cows, typically white with brown markings) came running towards us when they saw the cross. One brown cow however did not want to come and stayed behind, all the while looking at the cross. When I beckoned to her, she turned her back to me – what a picture of humanity!

Remember, we stayed 5 nights in Leysin, while walking and travelling back and forth in the vans every day to the spot we left the day before.
Leysin is beautiful.


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